The Zero Waste for Zero Warming campaign is strengthening community-driven movements that challenge the wasting and warming cycle, and fighting to make sure that not another dime of our taxpayer money goes to trashing the climate.

Stop Trashing the Climate report released
New report provides compelling evidence that aiming for zero waste is one of the fastest, cheapest, and most effective strategies for combating climate change.
GAIA Intervention at the 59th CDM Exective Board Meeting 18.02.11
The CDM rules applying to WTE projects (Methodologies ACM001 and AM0025), were called to revision in November 2010 in Cancun by the CDM Methodological Panel, the expert group in charge of revising the technical appropriateness of CDM projects.
Wastepickers Demand a Global Fund and Speak Out Against Incineration
Cancun, Mexico. December 2, 2010. The Global Alliance of Wastepickers and Allies, through its representatives from Latin America, South Africa, and India, is in Cancun to speak out against Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects that fund waste incinerators and landfills, causing the displacement of recyclers and their undeniable and historic contribution to greenhouse gas mitigation.





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