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Letter to European Commission Protesting Carbon Credits for Incinerators and Landfills
The EU continues allowing the purchase of carbon credits from CDM-backed landfills and incinerators in developing countries, which are responsible for increasing emissions, wasting resources and displacing grassroots recyclers livelihoods. Ultimately, most of CDM-backed waste projects would be illegal on European soil. This letter, signed by Members of the European Parliament, civil society organizations and concerned citizens from 23 countries, urges the European Commission to end the purchase of carbon credits from landfill gas systems and incinerators.
EU Double Standards on Waste Management & Climate Policy
The EU's support for incinerators and landfill gas systems through the carbon market contradicts its own waste management policy.
Celebrating Community: GAIA 10 Report Offers Snapshots of First Decade
GAIA’s first decade ended in December 2010—and we spent 2011 putting together stories and images to share a snapshot of the alliance’s collective work. GAIA’s values include taking the time to appreciate one another and to celebrate our success and work together. We hope this report, “GAIA 10: 10 Years of Community Action for Zero Waste Solutions,” will be an opportunity for collective reflection and celebration.
Incinerators: Myths vs. Facts
In recent years, the incinerator industry has tried to expand their sector by marketing their facilities as “Waste to Energy” (WTE), using misleading claims of “reducing climate pollution”, and being a “clean energy source”. This document dispels some of the most common myths about incinerators with real facts.
Europe Wastes its Resources: €5 Billion Thrown Away every Year
FRIENDS OF THE EARTH EUROPE MEDIA RELEASE: Europe throws away resources worth over 5 billion euros every year by landfilling or incinerating materials that could be recycled.
New Report: An Industry Blowing Smoke
10 reasons why gasification, pyrolysis & plasma incineration are not “green solutions”
EU Waste Legislation and Climate Change
This fact sheet was produced by GAIA, Health Care Without Harm, and Bankwatch in April 2008 to encourage the European Parliament to support sensible waste legislation.
Threats to health and recycling: Why EU legislation must not favour incineration
Good legislation should guarantee that the amount of waste we produce is minimised, and what is left is safely recycled, re-used and composted. It certainly shouldn’t just encourage us to burn what we throw away.

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