Climate Justice Now! Opening Statement 2nd Transitional Committee Meeting given by Manny Calonzo, GAIA
The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has to be transformational not only in how it raises resources and what it funds but also in the way it engages with and accounts to communities globally.
GAIA Intervention at the 59th CDM Exective Board Meeting 18.02.11
The CDM rules applying to WTE projects (Methodologies ACM001 and AM0025), were called to revision in November 2010 in Cancun by the CDM Methodological Panel, the expert group in charge of revising the technical appropriateness of CDM projects.
This is our way of life — when are you going to face yours?
CJN! Statement to the Adhoc Working Group on the Kyoto Protocol, Monday 4 October, Tianjin China, read by Maitreyi Shankar, coordinator of KKPKP.
Letter to Ambassador C. Hunte G77 and China
Zero Waste as a core strategy to combat climate change

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