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Citizens Press Funding for Community Recycling Solutions, Not for Incinerators and Landfills
30 September 2011, Quezon City, Philippines. Citizens’ groups across the globe are pressing governments to direct scarce financial resources to support community-led, job-generating and climate-friendly solutions to waste and toxic pollution, not to polluting incinerators and landfills.
Biomass Electricity: Clean Energy Subsidies for a Dirty Industry
The case for ending taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies that harm public health, environment, climate, and forest
Groups meet for 2011 Zero Waste Himalaya Regional Workshop
The two day regional workshop towards Zero Waste Himalaya’s organized by Khangchendzonga Conservation Committee jointly with Rural Management and Development Department, Government of Sikkim with support from Thanal, Global greengrant fund, Centre for Environment Education under Parivariyan Mitra program brought participants from across the Himalayan states together at chumbi on 17-18th May 2011 to discuss on the growing solid waste issue. The first day session were chaired by Hon’ble Mayor, Gangtok Municipal Cooperation, Hon’ble MP, Lok Sabha along with Jayakumar, Director Thanal and Ajeer Vidya , Deer Park Institute, Himachal.
GDA India: Wastepickers Offer a Solution to Climate Change, Decry Waste-to-Energy and Privatisation
November 30, Chennai, India. As the world’s environment ministers convene a UN meeting in Mexico to address climate change, leaders of the Alliance of Indian Wastepickers (AIW) gathered in Chennai to offer their own solution to climate change and decry false solutions such as “waste-to-energy”. The leaders warned that two such “Refuse Derived Fuel” (RDF) plants are proposed for Chennai; if implemented, these plants would displace wastepickers, thus reducing recycling, increasing unemployment and increasing greenhouse gas emissions, all while adding costs to the public. They warned that these plants are part of a national trend towards privatising waste management, resulting in higher costs, loss of livelihoods, and worse environmental outcomes. Ministers should instead look to the wastepickers to solve problems of waste and climate change.
Dia Internacional Contra Las Basuras Y La Incineración
Con motivo del día de acción global contra la basura y la incineración el día 1 de diciembre Ecologistas en Acción quiere denunciar la situación de las basuras en la Comunidad de Madrid y hacer especial mención a uno de los tratamientos que se les da a los residuos, la incineración.
NEW REPORT: Half a million new jobs could be created in Europe by recycling more
Brussels - At least 500,000 new jobs would be created in Europe if countries recycled 70% of their waste finds a new study, 'More Jobs, Less Waste', launched by Friends of the Earth today.
“Find Spiritual Treasures not Trash” Groups from Himalaya urge for ‘Zero Waste for Zero Warming’
8th August 2010. Bir, Himachal Pradesh. 50 participants representing 24 organizations across the Himalayas assembled at Deer Park Institute in Bir, Himachal Pradesh from 5th to 8th August 2010 to discuss their concerns on climate change and waste, and decided to work together beyond borders to stop trashing Himalayas and to restore it to a clean, ecologically sound, just, peaceful and healthy Himalayas.
“PLASTIK, HINDI WALASTIK": Green groups tell consumers to cut use of plastic bags
Quezon City, Philippines. July 3, 2010. Wearing plastic bags over their heads, Zero Waste and climate campaigners today interacted with consumers at a busy public market in Quezon City in a bid to dissuade them from the thoughtless consumption of plastic bags.
The EU Policy of Subsidising Energy from Burning Waste is Worsening the Climate
Brussels, Belgium. 30th June 2010. GAIA’s new report “When the EU wastes the climate” warns about the negative impacts on the climate and sustainability stemming from current EU policies to reward energy from incineration.
USA: Action to End Detroit's Wasteful Incinerator
Frontline Communities and Teamsters Demand Clean Air, Good Jobs and Justice Detroit, Michigan, U.S., June 27, 2010 – Environmental justice advocates from across the U.S., the Teamsters Union, and neighborhood residents marched together this morning to the world’s largest waste incinerator to demand its closure. Representatives of Detroit’s pollution-impacted communities and their allies from across the country united to press the city’s Mayor for a just transition from burning waste to building resiliency in the face of ill-health, a crumbling economy, and the global climate crisis.
India: Ignoring residents, Sheila Dikshit Flags Dioxins emitting plant
by Gopal KrishnaToxicsWatch Allianc
Delhi Government & MNRE Caught on Wrong Foot Again New Delhi/June 26, 2010: Disregarding Supreme Court’s order, unmindful of the adverse order of the Delhi High Court and the fact that the matter is sub judice and ignoring the concerns of the residents, Sheila Dikshit, Delhi’s Chief Minister laid the foundation stone for a polluting waste to energy plant today in the national capital to produce electricity from wastes.
Saturday Action Aims to End Detroit’s Wasteful Incineration in Favor of Clean Energy, Jobs
Teamsters, environmental justice groups demand smarter, cleaner options
GAIA Questions Nomination of New Climate Action Commissioner
GAIA warns about the nomination of Connie Hedegaard as EU commissioner for climate action because of her support to a dirty technology such as incineration. When compared the emissions of an incinerator produce more CO2 [1] than a gas or coal power plant.
Wastepickers Demand an Inclusive Global Climate Fund
Copenhagen, 7 December 2009 – Fifteen million people worldwide make a living from waste picking. They collect, sort, clean and in some cases, process these recyclables, returning them to industry as an inexpensive and low-carbon raw material. Wastepickers are incredibly efficient recyclers – and can achieve recycling rates higher than 80%. Their recycling work reduces emissions up to 25 times more than incineration does. Wastepickers significantly reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions through recycling rates, and could further reduce emissions given proper support.
Alert! Dirty Industries Attempt to Hijack Global Climate Talks!
3 December 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark. As the world’s governments convene here in Copenhagen to solve the unfolding climate crisis, polluting industries are putting up a fight. The incinerator industry, one of the world’s dirtiest, is trying to repackage itself as a “climate solution” in order to grab climate subsidies meant to support the development of clean technologies.
Indian Specialist Boosts Up Alaminos City’s Zero Waste Drive
26 November 2009, Alaminos City, Philippines. A visiting Indian national who has been working with rural tourist destinations in crafting Zero Waste programs boosted the ongoing drive of the government and people of Alaminos City to win the war on garbage.
Stop Waste-to-Energy Plants Reduce – Reuse - Recycle
DISHA has joined groups around the world in pushing for Zero Waste as a climate-friendly choice over waste disposal technologies such as landfills and incinerators, including “waste to energy”, plasma, gasification, and cement kiln incineration.
Green Groups Campaign for Zero Waste Solutions to Lessen Ravages of Climate Change
(Parade lion waste monster to warn people of health and environmental hazards of wasting) In an audacious demonstration of solidarity and resolve, environmental advocates today vowed to redouble their efforts in pursuing sustainable consumption and Zero Waste solutions to help avert the climate crisis.
Global Coalition Seeks Priority Funding For Recycling To Mitigate Climate Change
GAIA in Europe has joined groups around the world in pushing for Zero Waste as a climate-friendly choice over waste disposal technologies such as landfills and incinerators (including “waste to energy”, plasma, gasification, and cement kiln incineration).
Lixo Zero, Aquecimento Global Zero
30 de Setembro de 2009, Mozambique. A Justiça Ambiental este ano em solidaridade com a GAIA, pelo oitavo aniversário, em comemoração do Dia Mundial de Acção: ”Lixo Zero, Aquecimento Global Zero”, decidiu que devido à campanha eleitoral no País, não seria o momento mais oportuno para se fazer uma campanha ambiental ou de acção, pois não teria o impacto desejado.
GDA 2009: UK Environmental Groups Seek Priority Funding For Recycling To Mitigate Climate Change
Sinfin, Spondon and All Against Incineration and Derby Friends of the Earth have joined groups around the world in pushing for Zero Waste as a climate-friendly choice over waste disposal technologies such as landfills and incinerators, including “waste of energy”, plasma, gasification, and cement kiln incineration.
Global Coalition Seeks Priority Funding For Recycling To Mitigate Climate Change
30 September 2009, Quezon City, Philippines; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Berkeley, USA; Brussels, Belgium. An international coalition of public interest citizens’ groups has issued fresh calls for a new financial mechanism that will support recycling as priority climate change mitigation.
Global coalition pushes Zero Waste as key to climate change and disaster mitigation
30 September 2009, Quezon City, Philippines. An international coalition of public interest citizens’ groups has called for local,national and global support for Zero Waste as key component of the country’s strategy to mitigate climate change and disaster.
Philippine City to Go Zero Waste
15 September 2009, Alaminos City, Philippines. The City of Hundred Islands is taking further action to promote a vibrant and eco-conscious city by embracing and nurturing a vision en route for Zero Waste.
Local Activists Head to Washington DC to Tell Congress: Protect Climate AND Health
Toxic technologies and burning garbage should not be called “renewable energy” Recycling, composting better for our future and our health
GAIA member Yuyun Ismawati wins 2009 Goldman Environmental Prize
Yuyun Ismawati of BaliFokus, Indonesia is being honored today with a Goldman Environmental Prize, the world's largest prize for grassroots environmentalists. But her innovative, community-based waste management program is threatened by waste-to-energy plants backed by carbon credits from the Clean Development Mechanism
Clean Development Mechanism: dump it, don´t expand it
by Climate Justice Now!Transnational Institute
December 5th, 2008
Groups Urge Representatives to Champion Zero Waste at Climate Talks
18 November 2008 Quezon City. Members of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives and the Ecowaste Coalition today called on the Philippine delegation to the upcoming climate talks in Poznan, Poland to take up the cudgels for the climate by pushing for the quickest and cheapest strategy to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Community-Based for Zero Waste
Waste disposal industries have a long history of being highly unpopular, toxic, economically disastrous, and disproportionately burdensome to people of color and low-income communities. By repackaging incinerators and landfills as "green," these industries are working to expand existing disposal projects and to site a new fleet of pollution-ridden incinerators and landfills in communities. This would erode community efforts to protect health, reduce waste and combat global warming, and reverse decades of progress achieved by the environmental justice and health movements.

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